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Dukkah originates from an old traditional Middle Eastern food. It was developed by camel drivers after the day's journey, roasting nuts, spices and seeds, then crushing and eating with bread lavishly dipped in olive oil. It is also known as Zatar amongst some Middle Eastern countries.

River Estate Dukkah will give you a new total taste experience as all the different nuts, spices and seeds flavours vibrantly excite taste buds when you dip your favourite bread in River Estate Extra Virgin olive oil and Dukkah. What makes River Estate Dukkah unique is the very low level of salt in our dukkah mix with no added preservatives or anti -caking agents.

However, Dukkah is not just limited to dipping with olive oil and bread. It has many other uses like sprinkling on salads, soups and most meats and fish when cooking. It can be placed in pita bread and used when stuffing meat fillets.
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