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Olive Oils


2021 Oils are listed below vary from smooth to medium intensity to  a stronger bolder taste,  classified by their Polyphenol content.

  • A mild olive is 150 mg/kg or less.

  • Medium  intensity is 151 to 299 mg/kg

  • Intense is above 300 mg/kg.

High polyphenols are generally a reflection of the amount of 'greenness' in the fruit when it is harvested.

This year some of the trees had a unusual sequence of  two distinct flowering periods which caused all sorts of problems with the oleic acid at harvest time.  The early flowering fruit on 2 varieties started to deteriorate in quality due to high humidity, before the main harvest started, thus impacting on the final oil quality. These two oils are identified below as virgin olive oils.


These olive varieties are grown and processed on our estate in Whitford, Auckland, New Zealand. 

Chemlali (North Africa) Total polyphenols - mild


  • A North African variety originating from Algeria, which produces very small fruit.

  • The oil starts off smooth and buttery. It finish's with a slight nuttiness.      

Good  for cooking and soft delicate cheeses. Will complement both red and white meats when used for cooking.

         This year this oil is Virgin grade- due to high free tatty acid content



Leccino (Italy) Total Polyphenols - mild
  • A popular Italian variety

  • This oil initially starts very smooth and buttery. Finish's with a  slight  banana flavour

  • Ideal for cooking with delicate meats.


         This year this oil is Virgin Grade  -due to high free fatty acid content


Other Products


Table Olives


A jar of Olives is $10.00 for 200 grams of net drained weight. For the 2020 season we  have a limited supply due to  seasonal influences and limited quantity of quality of olives. The olives are all cured by the natural fermentation process. The natural fermentation process takes 6-12 months to complete the process. They are soaked in a brine solution until ready to package.

You will notice that we are referencing the previous year for table olives. That is because of the time it takes for natural curing to take place. 


At River Estate we grow the following varieties of table olives:


- Manzanillo (Spain)

- Kalamata (Greece) 

- Picual (Spain)






River Estate Dukkah


Dukkah originates from an old traditional Middle Eastern food. It was developed by camel drivers after the day's journey, roasting nuts, spices and seeds, then crushing and eating with bread lavishly dipped in olive oil. It is also known as Zatar amongst some Middle Eastern countries.


River Estate Dukkah will give you a new total taste experience as all the different nuts, spices and seeds flavours vibrantly excite taste buds when you dip your favourite bread in River Estate Extra Virgin olive oil and Dukkah. What makes River Estate Dukkah unique is the very low level of salt in our dukkah mix with no added preservatives or anti -caking agents.


However, Dukkah is not just limited to dipping with olive oil and bread. It has many other uses like sprinkling on salads, soups and most meats and fish when cooking. It can be placed in pita bread and used when stuffing meat fillets.


Our Dukkah has been rigorously tested for 12 months alongside our olive oil tastings. The results have been overwhelmingly positive, with comments like; "this the best Dukkah I have ever tried" and "When can we get it? The sooner the better!"


Warning -our Dulkkah contains sesame seeds and nuts.


Tuscan Blend (Italy)  Total Polyphenols - 269


  • A blend of three popular Italian varieties - Leccino, Pendolino and Frantoio.(all evoo grade)

  • This is only blend that River Estate does regularly, due its popular demand.

  • Represents a good European flavour.

  • This oil starts off very smooth and fruity with a slight hint of pungency, finishing with a very  gentle  peppery finish.


     Excellent with Dukkah, drizzled over salads and for cooking with red or white meats   eg chicken and fish.


            Gold Medal 2021 - Oliveti  Olive oil Competition


Frantoio (Italy)  Total Polyphenols - 289


  • A very popular Italian variety

  • The oil starts off with a good fruity complexity and slight citrus flavours. The oil finishes with a pleasant peppery finish.

  • an extremely popular oil

  •  Excellent with Dukkah, dipping with breads or strong cheeses. will also complement red meats.  


                   Gold Medal and Best in Class  2021-

                         Oliveti Olive Oil Competition


Koroneiki (Greece)  Total polyphenols - mild.  

  • A Greek variety that produces very small fruit which is difficult to pick.

  • The oil starts with  smooth  floral, herbaceous flavours flowing into green tea flavours

  • The oil finishes with a  slight peppery finish. 

  • a popular oil variety

Recommended  for dipping, drizzling over salads and cooking with white meats.



Picual (Spain) Total Polyphenols - 298 


  • A popular Spanish variety that is usually late to ripen.

  • This year the oil is bold with its green capsicum peppers flavours,  finishing with a  gentle pungent and peppery flavour. 


Recommended for dipping,  and cooking with strong flavours like red meat and venison.

                Silver Medal 2021 - Oliveti Olive Oil Competition