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About River Estate

ONZ Certified Oil - certified Extra Virgin


Only 4 of 2023 season's oils  are certified as Extra Virgin. They were all  tested in NZ - due low the low quantity of oil this year because of the  weather conditions.

Our olive oils tests were very inconsistent this season -  with four only meeting  the International standard. They ranged,  from 0.16% to 0.7 % free fatty acids and 3.5 to 4.3 meq kg fat peroxide value, which is within the International Standard, by laboratory testing.  The total Polyphenol content were not able to be tested due no facility to  test in NZ.

Cold Pressed


River Estate oils are processed at approximately 25°c, thus maintaining the maximum extraction of oil and retaining the excellent qualities of the olive oil. Any oil processed above 35 deg C is not classified as ‘cold pressed’.


At River Estate we press each variety separately and store the oils in airtight variable capacity vats to retain the freshness.


River Estate Olive oils are non filtered to retain the richness of the flavours in the oils. This may lead to a slightly cloudy appearance in some oils and a very fine deposit of sediment in some of the bottles. The oils are decentered a number of times from small vats until the sediment is removed. They are then, and only then, placed in the large variable capacity vats.

Absolutely Fresh


We endeavour to press the same day as picking which gives us the freshest oil possible.


The oils are left to stand for a period after processing for the sediment to settle, before transferring to the variable capacity vat and bottling.


At River Estate we have our own pressing and bottling facilities onsite which ensures the freshness of our olive oil. The oil is bottled direct from our own sealed vats.


Click here for more information about our pressing and bottling facility.

Bottling Information


River Estate olive oil is bottled in dark glass to help preserve the excellent properties of the oil. Larger quantities are canned to eliminate the light as much as possible.


Olive oils stored in clear bottles start losing qualities when exposed to light, particularly fluorescent, for extended periods.


Heat and air are the other two elements that will cause oil to deteriorate and exposure to both will shorten the life of your oil.


The oil should be stored in a cool cupboard with the cap on to retain the high quality of the oil. Once opened, it is recommended that the oil be used within 5-6 months.


River Estate Oils are available in 250ml and 750ml bottles, 1 and 4 litre cans. Find out more about our current varieties for sale or find out more about the products themselves.

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